Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pie In The Sky

Lois Ehlert is this month's featured author for the Virtual Book Club For Kids (hosted by Toddler Approved, Mommy & Me Book Club, and The Educators' Spin On It).  K & I listened to a reading of Ms. Ehlert's colorful Pie In The Sky on youtube, being as Baby Girl's been quite curious with the laptop lately...

* StoryPie In The Sky by Lois Ehlert
* Age:  1
* Activities/ Experiences:
          1. Collect leaves.
          2. Paint sky's reflection with mirror.
          3. Bake mini cherry pies.

1. Collect leaves.  For the tree aspect of this book, we ventured out into the backyard.  Checked out the trees.  Looked up at the sky & clouds.  Piled up leaves.  Crunched them, threw them, examined them.  'Tis the autumn season!

2. Paint sky's reflection with mirrorPie In The Sky!  This title immediately reminded me of a blog post I'd seen for "painting the sky."  It took a little searching, but I did find it again at Growing A Jeweled Rose.  (Check it out; the creativity in this activity is brilliant!)

Since the story is about growing cherries on a tree, then turning them into a luscious pie... K finger painted on a mirror with cherry pie filling.  All the while... her face, the sky, & trees reflected back at her!

 3.  Bake mini cherry pies.  A taste-test!  We made a cherry filling from scratch and baked them in little pie crusts in a muffin tin.  (Used a recipe at Sew Sweet Stitches I found on pinterest.  Thanks yet again, Pinterest!)  Did the same with canned filling.  And although the bright, red canned-filling did look prettier, we all agreed the homemade filling was sweeter & tastier.  --Well, that's what daddy & I said, anyway.  Baby K seemed to equally enjoy both!   
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