Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Very Own Fairy Tale

I highly recommend the website for this book!  I See Me offers personalized books that spell any child's name...  In this particular story, My Very Own Fairy Tale, the name is spelled in rhyme by fairies.  It made for a special birthday gift!
* Story:  My Very Own Fairy Tale by I See Me
* Age:  Our sweet baby turned ONE!
* Activities/ Experiences:                                                             
          1. Fairy Dress-Up.
          2. One-derful Woodland Fairy Party.
1.  Fairy Dress-Up.  I just couldn't resist!!!  A sweet, playful way to celebrate our Baby K... 
(I can't wait to show her these photos some day!)
tutu & wings (etsy)

wings, sunbeams, & enchanted forest

fairy pretty
2.  One-derful Woodland Fairy Party.  Oh how I love themes.  LOVE them!  For a memorable & unique way to honor our baby girl, we decided on this particular fairy idea, based on a doll K received from her Auntie S.  --Its as sweet & special as she is!

Here's MAGICAL details of the big day:
Whimsical decorations: Tulle & glitter, of course.  :)
Natural elements: ROCKS painted as labels, MOSS on the cake table, &   TREE stumps as platters & a cake stand.
Fairy drinks: juice = PIXIE PUNCH, water = BIRTHDAY RAINDROPS, & soda = MORNING DEW
Fairy treats: berries, pretzel twigs, & mints as BUTTERFLY KISSES

party prep: making flower head wreaths
party prep: painting rocks

almonds = EGGS in nests, cotton candy sticks = FAIRY WANDS (etsy)

raspberries & marshmallows = MAGIC MUSHROOMS
bubbles = FAIRY WISHES
butterfly snacks (juggling with kids)
pixie sticks & honey sticks


cupcakes like MUSHROOMS
Happy Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!  Every moment with you is FAIRY much a blessing!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Three Bears

A classic must-read!
*  StoryThe Three Bears by Byron Barton
*  Age:  11 months
*  Activity/ Experience:
          1. Play with oats.
1.  Play with oats.  This really held Baby K's interest!  Dumping & pouring with the bowls, funnel, & scoop.  Examining, inspecting, & feeling the "porridge."  Even daddy commented, "Wow, she's been playing with that for a long time!"