Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear

A splendid book Baby K has enjoyed since the womb.  (Seriously!  Often read it to my belly via a fetal microphone!  -Okay, that sounds a little weird.  --But I was EXCITED!!!)  Regardless, this story offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate all the senses.  I was glad to refer to it for the Summer Virtual Book Club, since I'm sure we'd all agree, babies do indeed investigate their world with a lot of tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing, & seeing. 
Story: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear by Don & Audrey Wood
Age:  infant
*  Activities/ Experiences:                              
          1.  The 5 senses with strawberries.
          2.  Fingerprint onesie.
1.  5 senses with strawberries:
Taste:  Strawberry-flavored lip gloss.  (Mmm, tasty AND pretty!)  Earth's Best Brand of strawberry banana baby food.  Strawberry-flavored freeze-dried yogurt.
Smell:  Strawberry-scented bubbles.  Strawberry-scented wax.  (Never to soon to give a "nose for knowledge!")
Feel:  Plastic strawberries, large enough to not be a choking hazard of course.  --They've been left accessible in her play area, to repeat the experience whenever she wishes.  And she does!  Even took them in the bath.
sweet bubbles
Hear:  Plopped the plastic strawberries in a bucket of water.  --This was quite entertaining!!  Baby Girl really got the giggles when the strawberries clunked into a cup.
See:  Went to our town's annual Strawberry Festival.  Bought red ripe berries, put them in a sensory baggie for squooshing, and it was pretty funny to watch K carry the bag while scooting around the kitchen.  -Carefully.  As if she had a bundle of precious jewels!
plastic berries
plastic water berries

toting the goods
outside plastic water berries

in the bath

bag o' squished strawberries

  2.  Fingerprint onesie.
Inked up Baby K's fingertips.  (Mommy & Daddy too!)  Her red fingers grabbed a handful of the onesie, leaving splotches on the material.  Drew "seeds" & "stems" with fabric markers, transforming the prints into strawberries.  Then, added a mouse iron-on to complete the book's look!

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