Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Picnic With Monet

One of my very favorite painters!  Excited to share this board book of Monet's art with Baby K...  His depictions of nature & landscapes are certainly appealing to the senses.
StoryA Picnic With Monet by Julie Merberg & Suzanne Bober
Age:  infant
1.  Picnic.
2.  Feet painting.
3.  Butterfly craft (& mommy's tattoo!).
1.  Picnic...  with Monet's paintings!
picnic among the trees
age 8 months

Monet's art joined our evening.

age 2 months

2.  Feet painting.  Baby Girl has done a few feet paintings while lying on her activity mat...  But now that she can sit up, she's graduated to feet painting in her jumperoo!  I just dab a lil acrylic paint on the paper while she squishes, squooshes, stomps, & splats with her feet.  Its messy fun! 

Taken from a brain-based learning class, Mozart's Piano Sonata in D Major was a great, fast-tempo, accompaniment to this activity. 
age 9 months
Aww, baby legs.

Paint! Paint!
 4.  Butterfly craft.  And mommy's tattoo!  I've done the painted butterfly footprints with Baby K a few different times now.  They are such a cute keepsake to hang on the wall & to make into cards.  Even though, I gotta say, I find getting a baby's footprint to be quite a challenge! 

While creating these latest momentos, it struck me.  What a brilliant idea for a TATTOO!  I searched online, thinking I couldn't possibly be the only person to come up with this.  And I did find some cartoon-looking tattoos, but I really wanted was something more realistic.  I put my design on paper, gave it to an amazing tattoo artist, and she turned my vision into a piece of art!!  Even though this was a rather impulsive creation (usually I'm much more of a planner!), I ADORE carrying my baby's precious little feet with me wherever I go...   

Wow, perhaps Monet is even more INSPIRATIONAL than I thought!  :)

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