Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Picnic With Monet (again)

Bonjour!  Today we revisit the beautiful artwork of Claude Monet in this simple, yet eye-catching board book.
*  (See a previous post of this book, titled A Picnic With Monet)
Age:  infant
1.  French breakfast.
2.  Floral sensory bottles.
1.  French breakfast.  Now that Baby Girl is starting to chew with her gums...  I was looking forward to sharing my favorite French breakfast with her.  We headed to our town's Farmers Market, pretending to stroll a french open-air market along the Mediterranean.  (Oh I hope Baby K shares my imagination some day!)  Picked out a delicious strawberry crêpe, and was reminded how I did this very thing last year, insisting my pregnant belly chose this treat!  We washed it down with Le Chocolat Chaud, my most favorite french breakfast item.  I am ecstatic to have found a recipe reminiscent to what I drank every morning in Paris umpteen years ago.

2.  Floral sensory bottles.

silk flowers, oil, water, food coloring, marbles
silk flowers, oil, water, food coloring, pebbles

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