Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Can Do It

I've been wanting to take Baby K to a reading at the public library for quite some time now...  So I was quite excited when NFL Defensive Tackle Dwan Edwards came to read Coach Tony Dungy's children's book You Can Do It!  (We're big football fans at our house.)  A great moral message in this story, as the title indicates.  I should probably purchase this book, being as K most likely didn't absorb much with the one-time reading.  But it was great to watch her sit among all the other kids at the library!  Such a big girl, she is.  :)
Story:  You Can Do It by Tony Dungy
Age:  9 months
          1.  Public library.
          2.  Football treats.
          3.  Viking sensory noise maker.
NFL defensive tackle
1.  Public library.  Baby K got to meet this Buffalo Bills player after storytime!

deviled footballs
2.  Football treats.  Here's some football treats we made earlier this year, for anyone looking for tailgating ideas!  (Dipped strawberries in chocolate, drew laces with melted white chocolate.  Smashed a soup can to use like a cookie cutter on the football-shaped meat & cheese tray, drew laces with ranch dressing.  Devil eggs, made laces with slices of green onion.

meat & cheese footballs
strawberry footballs
Rattle, shake, & check out the colors!
3.  Sensory noise maker.  Football season is still months away...  But we can certainly celebrate the VIKINGS all year long!  :)  Filled this container with purple & yellow items from around the house; plastic eggs, pom poms, pipe cleaners, rocks, silk flowers, bells, feathers, & a cowbell.  Glued the lid on, tied some ribbon, painted "Go Vikes" on one side, "Make Some Noise" on the other.  And now Baby Girl is ready to cheer on our favorite team!

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