Monday, June 18, 2012

Watch Me Throw the Ball!

Apparently, momma's got a sweet-tooth!  The Mo Willems book we selected for Toddler Approved's Summer Virtual Book Club is about Elephant & Piggie playing with a BALL...  And what activities did I come up with??  Slightly DESSERT-related!!

*  StoryWatch Me Throw the Ball! by Mo Willems
*  Age:  8 months
*  Activities/ Experiences
          1.  Tapioca ball painting.
          2.  Having a "ball" with whipped cream. 
    1.  Tapioca ball painting.  Cut a couple ball-shaped pieces of paper, mixed coloring in tapioca pudding (Get it? Tapioca pearls, like teeny tiny balls!), and added actual balls to roll around in the "paint."  Baby K really dove into this activity, analyzing & squishing the gooey texture between her fingers.
    "Oh yummy paint."

    "Hey, I can make these balls roll!"
    (after)  Masterpieces!!!

    2.  Having a "ball" with whipped cream Okay, I figured this would be fun.  But it ended up being WAAAAY FUN!  Baby Girl sang & splashed in the pool of balls & whipped cream for a long, long time.  Tasted, squeezed, & slapped the various textures.  Played so hard, she promptly fell asleep after hosing off in the tub!
    Step 1:  Add whipped cream.
    Step 2:  Add colorful balls.

    Step 3:  Add a baby!

    Here's more Mo Willem book experiences:


    1. Love the whipped cream idea! What a clever way to incorporate the book's theme into some messy fun. Looks like she had a "ball"!

    2. Thanks! My lil goof "ball" does love messy fun! :)