Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haiku Baby

Remember writing Haikus in school?  This book takes me back to those days!  It contains great artwork & Japanese poetry geared toward babies discovering nature.  A colorful book, offering an excellent opportunity to mix a little Japanese CULTURE with those key concepts of learning; EXPLORATION & REPETITION.  I'm quite pleased with the flow of these poems!

A favorite line;    
In tickly-toe grass
a buttercup offers up
yellow nose kisses.
    Poems for daddy!
*  StoryHaiku Baby by Betsy Snyder
*  Age:  8 months
*  Activities/ Experiences:  
          1.  Card of poems.
          2.  Miso soup.
          3.  Rice sensory bin.
homemade card
1.  Card of poems.  Started reading this board book around Father's Day, inspiring a special homemade card of poems for daddy.  (The front was created with Stampin Up products.  --Check out my friend Sue's Stampin Ramblings for all kinds of crafty ideas!)

Once I recalled the repetitive pattern of Haikus is 5 syllables, then 7, then 5....  It became a fun way to show daddy our appreciation!
2.  Miso soup Delicious!  One of her first foods, Baby K seems to enjoy this Japanese-style broth.  A healthy treat, known for strengthening the immune system.  Smooth & delightful to the taste buds!
3.  Rice sensory bin.  We played with our fine motor skills & eye-hand coordination in this Japanese-inspired tub.  Baby Girl pinched, pushed, & dumped those little grains of rice while listening to the beautiful orchestra in Memoirs of a Geisha's soundtrack.  Even picking rice out of the carpet appeared to spark her interest!

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