Saturday, May 12, 2012

Look Look

Probably the most read book since Baby K's been born.  The pictures in Look Look have long-since captured her attention!

We've had some "BLACK & WHITE PARTIES" centered around this board book, since babies tend to like contrasting patterns.  (A simple celebration, mind you.  Not the lampshade-on-your-head kind of shindig.  --Oh wait.  On second thought, I should try that.  She'd burst out laughing!)
*  StoryLook Look by Peter Linenthal 
*  Age:  infant
*  Activity/ Experiences:
          1.  Black & White Parties!
pretty in pearls- age 7 months
checking out patterns- age 2 months

Here's what we do for our "black & white parties:"

playing dress up- age 3 months
1.  Dress The Part.  Of course one must wear black & white to a "black & white party."  --Pearls seem to be Baby Girl's favorite "white" accessory these days!

2.  Decorations.  You could go nuts with black & white decorations.  Fabrics, streamers, pillows, feather boas, whatever is lying around.  (There is a free, printable, visual stimulation card at Babystrology.)

3.  Appetizers.  Get messy!  Vanilla pudding is great fun painted onto black paper. 

4.  Music.  We've boogied to Billy Idol's "White Wedding," AC/DC's "Back In Black," and Paul McCartney's "Ebony & Ivory."  (I swear, Baby Girl LOVES my silly exaggerated dance moves!)

our hand project
5.  Craft Project.  During our most recent party, we traced the hands of mommy, daddy, & baby on black & white patterned paper.  (Inspired by hand pictures in Look Look & a craft project at Easie Peasie.)  Cut them out & positioned them in a frame for a cute keepsake.

The creativity in this theme is endless!

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