Friday, April 27, 2012

The Very Quiet Cricket

Made a bee collage, inspired by Eric Carle's artwork in The Very Quiet Cricket, several years ago in an Early Childhood Development Class.  Held onto it as a sample for the technique, but now it proudly hangs in Baby Girl's insect-themed nursery!
*  Story:  The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
*  Age:  (pre-baby)
*  Activities/ Experiences:  
          1. Decorating nursery.
          2. Tissue paper collage.

    1.  Decorating nursery Using the Eric Carle Picture Writer DVD as a guide, our own artwork has become a personal touch in Baby's nursery.  :)

    2.  Tissue paper collages.  Splashes of acrylic paint were applied to tissue paper.  Then, the paper was cut into various pieces once the paint dried.  Arranged the pieces into a bee shape on scrapbook paper.

    Framed & hung this artistic creation in the nursery.  Looks great next to daddy's elk painting he made special for Baby K!  --Which of course, I just had to turn it into a collage by adding a leaf (from the Inke wallpaper tree in her room), a piece of Grandma K's painting, & a Very Hungry Caterpillar decal!  Plus, the butterly made by several family members hangs on the wall (as described in the earlier post titled The Very Hungry Caterpillar), in addition to Grandma L's lovely artwork too. 

    I am so thrilled with how the nursery's tissue paper collages turned out.  A heart-felt, "WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY GIRL!"

    Grandma L's art
    Daddy's elk

    family-made butterfly

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Right before Baby Girl was born last fall...  We finally got around to decorating her nursery!  In an INSECT theme, inspired by the collage artwork of my favorite children's author, Eric Carle.
    *  StoryThe Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 
    *  Age:  (pre-baby)
    *  Activities/ Experiences:
              1. Decorating nursery.
              2. Tissue paper collages.

                            tree in nursery                          
      1.  Decorating Nursery.  Using Eric Carle's collage technique, we recreated The Very Hungry Caterpillar's butterfly with tissue paper & paint, as described below.  Also added a Very Hungry Caterpillar decal to a tree silhouette, made from Inke's recycled wallpaper kit.  (The patterned leaves of this kit, were cut at a special program in Holland by adults with developmental disabilities-- which is why I bought it, to support their organization. But really, it too could be a fun DIY project for all you artistic folks out there!)

      The Very Hungry Caterpillar in the tree's leaves

      2.  Tissue Paper Collages With the help of family members, colorful splashes of acrylic paint were applied to tissue paper.  Then, the paper was cut into various pieces once the paint dried.

      (A great tutorial of this technique is in the Eric Carle Picture Writer DVD.)

                               painting tissue paper                               

      paint drying

      Arranged the pieces into a butterfly shape on scrapbook paper.  Framed & hung the artistic creation in Baby K's mint-green room.  --And I love how this collaborative effort turned out! 

      Its like the walls are telling a story...

      Thursday, April 26, 2012

      The Carrot Seed

      Baby K's participation in a Virtual Book Club For Kids at Toddler Approved has got my creative juices flowing!  Hence, I started this new blog; a collection of book-related activities & experiences.  (Whew, nothing like having a kid to remind me of my long-forgotten early childhood degree!) 

      April's book was The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. A simple, timeless story; we listened to a really cute, vintage-version of it on youtube.  Great lesson in PERSEVERANCE!  The little boy in this book diligently waters his carrot seed, despite everyone telling him it won't grow.  Well of course it not only produces a carrot, but a HUGE carrot!
      *  StoryThe Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss
      *  Age:  7 months 
      *  Activities/ Experiences:
                1. Pudding painting.
                2. Seed sensory bottle.
                3. Frozen carrots
        "Mama, this 'mud' is nummy!"

        1.  Pudding Painting.  Originally wanting to incorporate actual dirt in the book-related activity... I decided on chocolate pudding instead, since Baby K is still at the stage of putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.  She painted it like mud on a carrot picture.  And, even though EATING this tasty treat seemed most appealing... Feeling the silky, creamy texture was still a fun, open-ended experience.  
        sensory bottle of seeds
        2.  Sensory Bottle Poured a couple packets of carrot seeds in an empty water bottle.  (Added beet seeds too for more sound.)  Hot glued the lid on, included some stickers, and let Baby K rattle away.  Its an item among her toys she often grabs for first.
        3.  Frozen Carrots.  Gnawed frozen carrots in the net teether to help soothe those sore, teething gums.  Mmm, delicious!

        It was cool to check out the book-related activities other parents came up with.  
        (There's some creative mums out there!) 
        I'll have to revisit this story again when K is older, 
        so I can use some of these fantastic ideas: