Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pie In The Sky

Lois Ehlert is this month's featured author for the Virtual Book Club For Kids (hosted by Toddler Approved, Mommy & Me Book Club, and The Educators' Spin On It).  K & I listened to a reading of Ms. Ehlert's colorful Pie In The Sky on youtube, being as Baby Girl's been quite curious with the laptop lately...

* StoryPie In The Sky by Lois Ehlert
* Age:  1
* Activities/ Experiences:
          1. Collect leaves.
          2. Paint sky's reflection with mirror.
          3. Bake mini cherry pies.

1. Collect leaves.  For the tree aspect of this book, we ventured out into the backyard.  Checked out the trees.  Looked up at the sky & clouds.  Piled up leaves.  Crunched them, threw them, examined them.  'Tis the autumn season!

2. Paint sky's reflection with mirrorPie In The Sky!  This title immediately reminded me of a blog post I'd seen for "painting the sky."  It took a little searching, but I did find it again at Growing A Jeweled Rose.  (Check it out; the creativity in this activity is brilliant!)

Since the story is about growing cherries on a tree, then turning them into a luscious pie... K finger painted on a mirror with cherry pie filling.  All the while... her face, the sky, & trees reflected back at her!

 3.  Bake mini cherry pies.  A taste-test!  We made a cherry filling from scratch and baked them in little pie crusts in a muffin tin.  (Used a recipe at Sew Sweet Stitches I found on pinterest.  Thanks yet again, Pinterest!)  Did the same with canned filling.  And although the bright, red canned-filling did look prettier, we all agreed the homemade filling was sweeter & tastier.  --Well, that's what daddy & I said, anyway.  Baby K seemed to equally enjoy both!   
Check out more Lois Ehlert activities: 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Very Own Fairy Tale

I highly recommend the website for this book!  I See Me offers personalized books that spell any child's name...  In this particular story, My Very Own Fairy Tale, the name is spelled in rhyme by fairies.  It made for a special birthday gift!
* Story:  My Very Own Fairy Tale by I See Me
* Age:  Our sweet baby turned ONE!
* Activities/ Experiences:                                                             
          1. Fairy Dress-Up.
          2. One-derful Woodland Fairy Party.
1.  Fairy Dress-Up.  I just couldn't resist!!!  A sweet, playful way to celebrate our Baby K... 
(I can't wait to show her these photos some day!)
tutu & wings (etsy)

wings, sunbeams, & enchanted forest

fairy pretty
2.  One-derful Woodland Fairy Party.  Oh how I love themes.  LOVE them!  For a memorable & unique way to honor our baby girl, we decided on this particular fairy idea, based on a doll K received from her Auntie S.  --Its as sweet & special as she is!

Here's MAGICAL details of the big day:
Whimsical decorations: Tulle & glitter, of course.  :)
Natural elements: ROCKS painted as labels, MOSS on the cake table, &   TREE stumps as platters & a cake stand.
Fairy drinks: juice = PIXIE PUNCH, water = BIRTHDAY RAINDROPS, & soda = MORNING DEW
Fairy treats: berries, pretzel twigs, & mints as BUTTERFLY KISSES

party prep: making flower head wreaths
party prep: painting rocks

almonds = EGGS in nests, cotton candy sticks = FAIRY WANDS (etsy)

raspberries & marshmallows = MAGIC MUSHROOMS
bubbles = FAIRY WISHES
butterfly snacks (juggling with kids)
pixie sticks & honey sticks


cupcakes like MUSHROOMS
Happy Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!  Every moment with you is FAIRY much a blessing!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Three Bears

A classic must-read!
*  StoryThe Three Bears by Byron Barton
*  Age:  11 months
*  Activity/ Experience:
          1. Play with oats.
1.  Play with oats.  This really held Baby K's interest!  Dumping & pouring with the bowls, funnel, & scoop.  Examining, inspecting, & feeling the "porridge."  Even daddy commented, "Wow, she's been playing with that for a long time!"   

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear (again)

We love this book!  With its strawberry theme, we concocted a yummilicious-smelling playdough for Baby K to explore.
*  Story: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear by Don & Audrey Wood  (again)
*  (See another fun post of this blog titled The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear.) 
*  Age:  infant 
*  Activity/ Experience:
          1.  Playdough. 
  1. Strawberry-scented playdough.   Played with this a lot here at home, and took some to daycare to share with friends too.  Baby K squeezed, patted, manipulated, & tore off little pieces of the dough with great concentration.  --It clearly doesn't taste good though, as she put some in her mouth then quickly spit it back out.  I love how our Sweet Pea is willing to try new things!!  
Here's how we made the dough, using recipes on as a guide:
Mix 1 cup flour, 1/4 cup salt, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, & 2 packages of strawberry Crystal Light.  Add 1 cup water & 1 tablespoon oil.  Stir over medium heat until mixture forms a ball.  Knead until smooth & store in air-tight container.

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear

    A splendid book Baby K has enjoyed since the womb.  (Seriously!  Often read it to my belly via a fetal microphone!  -Okay, that sounds a little weird.  --But I was EXCITED!!!)  Regardless, this story offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate all the senses.  I was glad to refer to it for the Summer Virtual Book Club, since I'm sure we'd all agree, babies do indeed investigate their world with a lot of tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing, & seeing. 
    Story: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, & The Big Hungry Bear by Don & Audrey Wood
    Age:  infant
    *  Activities/ Experiences:                              
              1.  The 5 senses with strawberries.
              2.  Fingerprint onesie.
    1.  5 senses with strawberries:
    Taste:  Strawberry-flavored lip gloss.  (Mmm, tasty AND pretty!)  Earth's Best Brand of strawberry banana baby food.  Strawberry-flavored freeze-dried yogurt.
    Smell:  Strawberry-scented bubbles.  Strawberry-scented wax.  (Never to soon to give a "nose for knowledge!")
    Feel:  Plastic strawberries, large enough to not be a choking hazard of course.  --They've been left accessible in her play area, to repeat the experience whenever she wishes.  And she does!  Even took them in the bath.
    sweet bubbles
    Hear:  Plopped the plastic strawberries in a bucket of water.  --This was quite entertaining!!  Baby Girl really got the giggles when the strawberries clunked into a cup.
    See:  Went to our town's annual Strawberry Festival.  Bought red ripe berries, put them in a sensory baggie for squooshing, and it was pretty funny to watch K carry the bag while scooting around the kitchen.  -Carefully.  As if she had a bundle of precious jewels!
    plastic berries
    plastic water berries

    toting the goods
    outside plastic water berries

    in the bath

    bag o' squished strawberries

      2.  Fingerprint onesie.
    Inked up Baby K's fingertips.  (Mommy & Daddy too!)  Her red fingers grabbed a handful of the onesie, leaving splotches on the material.  Drew "seeds" & "stems" with fabric markers, transforming the prints into strawberries.  Then, added a mouse iron-on to complete the book's look!

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    Sunday, August 5, 2012

    A Picnic With Monet (again)

    Bonjour!  Today we revisit the beautiful artwork of Claude Monet in this simple, yet eye-catching board book.
    *  (See a previous post of this book, titled A Picnic With Monet)
    Age:  infant
    1.  French breakfast.
    2.  Floral sensory bottles.
    1.  French breakfast.  Now that Baby Girl is starting to chew with her gums...  I was looking forward to sharing my favorite French breakfast with her.  We headed to our town's Farmers Market, pretending to stroll a french open-air market along the Mediterranean.  (Oh I hope Baby K shares my imagination some day!)  Picked out a delicious strawberry crêpe, and was reminded how I did this very thing last year, insisting my pregnant belly chose this treat!  We washed it down with Le Chocolat Chaud, my most favorite french breakfast item.  I am ecstatic to have found a recipe reminiscent to what I drank every morning in Paris umpteen years ago.

    2.  Floral sensory bottles.

    silk flowers, oil, water, food coloring, marbles
    silk flowers, oil, water, food coloring, pebbles

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

    A Picnic With Monet

    One of my very favorite painters!  Excited to share this board book of Monet's art with Baby K...  His depictions of nature & landscapes are certainly appealing to the senses.
    StoryA Picnic With Monet by Julie Merberg & Suzanne Bober
    Age:  infant
    1.  Picnic.
    2.  Feet painting.
    3.  Butterfly craft (& mommy's tattoo!).
    1.  Picnic...  with Monet's paintings!
    picnic among the trees
    age 8 months

    Monet's art joined our evening.

    age 2 months

    2.  Feet painting.  Baby Girl has done a few feet paintings while lying on her activity mat...  But now that she can sit up, she's graduated to feet painting in her jumperoo!  I just dab a lil acrylic paint on the paper while she squishes, squooshes, stomps, & splats with her feet.  Its messy fun! 

    Taken from a brain-based learning class, Mozart's Piano Sonata in D Major was a great, fast-tempo, accompaniment to this activity. 
    age 9 months
    Aww, baby legs.

    Paint! Paint!
     4.  Butterfly craft.  And mommy's tattoo!  I've done the painted butterfly footprints with Baby K a few different times now.  They are such a cute keepsake to hang on the wall & to make into cards.  Even though, I gotta say, I find getting a baby's footprint to be quite a challenge! 

    While creating these latest momentos, it struck me.  What a brilliant idea for a TATTOO!  I searched online, thinking I couldn't possibly be the only person to come up with this.  And I did find some cartoon-looking tattoos, but I really wanted was something more realistic.  I put my design on paper, gave it to an amazing tattoo artist, and she turned my vision into a piece of art!!  Even though this was a rather impulsive creation (usually I'm much more of a planner!), I ADORE carrying my baby's precious little feet with me wherever I go...   

    Wow, perhaps Monet is even more INSPIRATIONAL than I thought!  :)